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H2 MEET 2022

Title H2 MEET 2022
Date Aug 31(Wed) ~ Sep 3, 2022, 10:00~17:00 (Last day(Sep 3) : ~15:00)
Venue KINTEX Hall 9, 10A, Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province, KOREA
Exhibits, Country, Company Total 16 Countries & 241 Companies
  • ◦H2 Production : 48 Companies
    1. - Water Electrolysis, Carbon Capture, Renewable Energy(Wind Power, Nuclear Power, etc.)
  • ◦ H2 Storage & Distribution : 74 Companies
    1. - Hydrogen Charging Station, Hydrogen Tank, Liquefied/Gas, Pipeline, Transportation, Safety, etc.
  • ◦ H2 Utilization : 75 Companies
    1. - Related Industries such as Mobility, Fuel Cell, Steel, and Chemical
  • ◦ Institute : 44 Institutes
Exhibition Scale 19,801㎡
Host H2 MEET Organizing Committee, KINTEX, KOTRA
Sponsors Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Shows Exhibition, Int’l Conference, Programs
Programs H2 MEET Global Award, B2B Business Meeting, Int’l Conference and Forum, Seminar, Symposium, Online Seminar, etc.
Certified Certified Exhibition(AKEI)
Major Countries Korea, Canada, UK, Australia, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Belgium, Sweden, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, China
Speakers 146 Speakers
- Major : John Whittingdale (The UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Republic of Korea), John Hannaford(Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Canada by the Prime Minister), etc.
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