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Other installments and
interior design should be
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Stand-alone booth image KRW 3,000,000
(USD 3,000) / booth


Side and back walls,
signboard in KOR/ENG,
Floor pytex,
1 information desk, 1 round
table, 3 chair,
Electrical wiring(single
phase 220V 1kW), outlets
and lighting

Prefabricated booth image KRW 3,500,000
(USD 3,500) / booth

Total participation fee (VAT excluded)


※ 1 booth = 3m X 3m

※ Discount is applied when invoice.

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6Participation Management Regulation

Regulations on managing participation in H2 MEET 2023
Article 1 (Definitions of terms)
① “H2 MEET” refers to H2 MEET 2023.
② “Exhibitor” refers to an entity (including institutions and organizations) that has submitted the application form and paid the participation fee for participation in the H2 MEET and exhibits products as stipulated in the exhibition regulation during the H2 MEET.
③ “Organizer” refers to the “H2 MEET Organizing Committee, located at Banpo-daero 25, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea.”
Article 2 (Application for participation)
① Application for participation may be submitted through the H2 MEET 2023 homepage (h2meet.com / Online Application).
② Members of the associations or institutions (organizations), which entered into an official agreement with Organizer for attracting multiple companies to participate in the H2 MEET, may submit their application forms through their associations or institutions (organizations).
③ The application for participation and contract will not be deemed to be valid and legally binding unless the participation fee(At least 50% of the participation fee must be paid) under Article 3 is paid upon submission of the online application.
Article 3 (Terms of payment of the participation fee)
① Participation fees must be paid directly to the bank account designated by the Organizer.
② Exhibitors must pay the application fee (50% of the participation fee) within one week of participation contract, and the balance must be paid by June 30, 2023.
③ The Organizer may allow exhibitors that apply for participation after the application deadline, i.e. June 30, 2023, to participate in consideration of the status and availability of exhibition halls, and in this case, the exhibitor must pay the participation fee in full.
Article 4 (Allocation of booth locations and sizes)
① The Organizer will allocate booth locations and sizes according to the booth sizes, and registration dates in case the sizes are the same (50% of the participation fee must be paid). If necessary, e.g. there is a change in the application status, the Organizer may adjust the booth locations and sizes allocated to exhibitors.
② The Organizer will have full discretion to give priority in allocation of booth locations to those exhibitors invited by the Organizer for strategic purposes to the H2 MEET.
③ If the total exhibition area applied for exceeds the total area available, the Organizer will seek ways to adjust the booth sizes of all applicants.
④ An exhibitor may not sublet the whole or part of the allocated booth space to a third party or exchange space with another exhibitor.
Article 5 (Cancellation and change of the H2 MEET)
① The Organizer will not compensate for any loss incurred by any exhibitor (e.g. participation fee and installation and operating expenses) resulting from the cancellation, change, or suspension of H2 MEET arising from force majeure, e.g. a natural disaster, the Government’s request and an emergency, or anything not attributable to the Organizer.
② The Organizer will have the right to change the duration and opening hours of the H2 MEET if it is necessary to do so for the smooth operation of the exhibition hall or if an unpredicted situation takes place. In this case, the Organizer will not be held liable for any loss arising, as set forth in Paragraph 1.
③ In the event that the H2 MEET is canceled by the Organizer for a reason attributable to the Organizer, e.g. arbitrary cancellation, the Organizer will give each exhibitor a full refund of the participation fee already paid. The refund will constitute full compensation for the loss(only participation fee) incurred due to the cancellation.
Article 6 (Withdrawal or cancellation and penalties)
Timing of cancellation Penalty
June 1, 2023 – Aug 15, 2023
50% of the total participation fee
Aug 16, 2023 – Sep 15, 2023
100% of the total participation fee

① In the event the Exhibitor fails to comply with the notice for recruiting participants (H2 MEET Organizing Committee Notice No. 2022-3) and the Participation Management Regulation (H2 MEET Organizing Committee Regulation No. 2022-4), the Organizer may cancel the exhibitor’s application. In this case, the participation fee already paid by the exhibitor minus the penalty as shown in the table below will be refunded to the exhibitor without any interest.
② In the event that the exhibitor fails to pay the participation in full by June 30, 2022, the Organizer may cancel the exhibitor’s application and claim the unpaid amount as damages.

Timing of cancellation Penalty
June 1, 2023 – Aug 15, 2023
50% of the reference amount
Aug 16, 2023 – Sep 15, 2023
100% of the reference amount

③ In the event that the exhibitor cancels its participation in the exhibition or decides not to use part of the space allocated for exhibition, the Exhibitor must notify the Organizer of the specific reason(s) for the cancellation, and the Organizer will refund the participation fee paid by the exhibitor minus the penalty shown in the table below without interest.
※ Reference amount=(canceled space/allocated space)×total participation fee
※ The allocated space will be deemed as space applied for by the exhibitor until the spaces for the entire exhibitors are finalized.
④ The timing of cancellation under Paragraph 3 will be the date on which the official document requesting the cancellation of the use of the space, sent by the Exhibitor, is received by the Organizer.
Article 7 (Installation of exhibition booths and management of the exhibition hall)
① Each Exhibitor must install, manage and operate its booth in accordance with the Operating Manual for the KINTEX exhibition hall and the Management of the H2 MEET and the Guidelines on Exhibiting at the H2 MEET issued by the Organizer, and fully cooperate in maintaining order at the H2 MEET.
② Each exhibitor must make best efforts to prevent fire and safety accidents, e.g. complying with related laws, during the installation, operation and removal of its booth.
③ Each Exhibitor will be fully responsible for all accidents, e.g. damage, theft, fire and safety accidents that occur in its booth.
④ Exhibitors must protect all facilities in the exhibition hall and all the facilities installed by the Organizer, and if they damage or destroy them, they must restore them to their original state when they remove their exhibition booths. If the Organizer restores them to their original state on behalf of the exhibitor as the exhibitors fail to do so, the costs must be paid by the exhibitor.
⑤ Exhibitors will be held responsible for violation of the operating manual and the guidelines in Paragraph 1, and the Organizer reserves the right to impose penalties on exhibitors or claim damages against them according to the manual and guidelines.
⑥ If necessary, the Organizer may restrict certain individuals’ access to the exhibition hall for efficient and safe operation thereof.
⑦ If it is deemed necessary for maintenance of order and safety management, the Organizer will have the discretion to ban or limit certain exhibition items and activities.
Article 8 (Insurance)
① The Organizer will purchase an insurance(commercial general liability insurance) in provision against the safety accidents of spectators in the exhibition hall during the exhibition period.
② In principle, each exhibitor must take out insurance policies to provide against all accidents that might occur in its booth during the entire period of the H2 MEET, including the period for booth installation and removal.
rticle 9 (Supplementary regulations)
① The “Operating Manual for the KINTEX exhibition hall, the Guidelines on the Management of the H2 MEET and the Guidelines on Exhibiting at the H2 MEET” will supplement the participation management regulations, and exhibitors must faithfully comply with them.
② If there are changes or additions to the supplementary provisions in Paragraph 1 in the future according to changes in the exhibition Organizer or internal/external exhibition-related policies and environment, they will have the same effect as these regulations.
Article 10 (Dispute resolution)
If there is any dispute between the Organizer and an exhibitor regarding the participation management regulations, the competent law will be the laws of Korea, and the competent court for any unresolved dispute will be the Seoul Central District Court.

7Privacy Policy

■ The purpose of collection of personal information
Collecting personal information is for following purposes:
- the introduction of H2 MEET
- membership services such as complaint handling
- delivery of advertisement and events schedule
■ Information to be collected
For registration, consultation, service applications, the following information is collected:
-Name, company name, company website, company address, fax number, phone number, e-mail, access logs, cookies, IP information, etc.
■ Duration of retention of personal data
- Personal data will not be kept longer than that is necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose for which it is collected.
■ User’s rights and obligations
- You have the right to deny collection of your personal information. But please be reminded you cannot access to registration without provision of required personal information.
■ Chief Privacy Officer(CPO)
: Ki-Sung Choi (Director)
I pledge to comply with the recruitment announcement and participation management regulations of H2 MEET, to faithfully fulfill my responsibilities and obligations according to the contents, and apply for exhibit participation.