2022 Hydrogen Mobility + Show, Confirmed to be held at KINTEX on August 31 next year
Date : 2021-12-27
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2022 Hydrogen Mobility + Show, Confirmed to be held at KINTEX on August 31 next year

- 2022 Hydrogen Mobility + Show, held at KINTEX, South Korea for 4 days from August 31 (Wed) to September 3 (Sat), 2022


The Hydrogen Mobility + Show Organizing Committee (Chairman Jeong Man-ki, Chairman of the Korea Automobile Industry Association) will hold the '2022 Hydrogen Mobility + Show' at KINTEX, South Korea, from August 31 (Wed) to September 3 (Sat), 2022.


The organizing committee confirmed the next event early in consideration of the importance of carbon neutrality, business exchanges at the ‘2021 Hydrogen Mobility + Show’, and international interest. Currently, applications for exhibitors are being accepted on the Hydrogen Mobility + Show website, and about 20 companies have already completed their applications to participate in the exhibition.


In the next event, the participation of hydrogen-related companies and institutions in Europe, a leading region in the eco-friendly energy field, is expected to be strengthened. To this end, the organizing committee signed an agreement for hydrogen industry exchange with GL events, a French company, global leader in MICE sector, in Paris, France in November. GL events is also the organizer of the French Hydrogen Industry Exhibition, held in October, HyVolution.


The signing ceremony was held with the participation of Jeong Man-ki, chairman of the organizing committee, and Pierre Buchou, HyVolution event manager, from GL events. Under the premise that international cooperation is essential for the development of the hydrogen industry, international cooperation is needed to complete the all-stage value chain covering hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and utilization. They agreed to mutually support companies' overseas expansion..


The '2021 Hydrogen Mobility + Show(', which was held last September with 154 companies from 12 countries around the world, proved international interest in the hydrogen industry, with a cumulative total of 27,000 visitors and export consultations of about $81 million. It has established itself as a representative hydrogen exhibition in Korea.


In particular, in the exhibition satisfaction survey conducted for visitors and participating companies, 98% of the total answered that they were satisfied with the exhibition contents, and 98% of those who expressed their intention to revisit.


In addition, when asked about the performance of exhibition visits such as creating business opportunities, 75% answered that there was a success, and exhibited high satisfaction in the level of exhibitors' entry (70%), Corona 19 quarantine management (77%), and exhibition operation (70%). .


An official from the organizing committee said, “We plan to grow the Hydrogen Mobility + Show into a global representative hydrogen exhibition for the growing importance of carbon neutrality and vitalization of the hydrogen economy. We will do our best to promote it.”. (End)




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