Organizing Committee for Hydrogen Mobility + Show presents the ‘H2 Innovation Award’… Discovering companies with innovative hydrogen technology!
Date : 2022-06-15
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Organizing Committee for Hydrogen Mobility + Show presents the ‘H2 Innovation Award’… Discovering companies with innovative hydrogen technology!

– Promotion of ‘H2 Innovation Award’ to discover global innovative hydrogen technology and outstanding companies

– Selecting 10 companies to advance to the finals in 3 fields (hydrogen production, hydrogen storage/transportation, and hydrogen utilization)

– After document screening and finalist announcement, award will be presented at the ‘2022 Hydrogen Mobility + Show’ in September

Source – The organizing committee for the Hydrogen Mobility + Show

The organizing committee for the Hydrogen Mobility + Show (Chairman Man-ki Jung and Chairman of the Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association, hereinafter referred to as the organizing committee) will present the ‘H2 Innovation Awards (hereinafter referred to as the H2 Awards)’ to discover innovative technologies and outstanding companies in the global hydrogen sector.

The HAwards is targeted towards domestic and foreign small, medium, large-sized companies and startups with technologies related to the hydrogen industry, which is spotlighted as a future eco-friendly sector. It will be promoted as a technology-oriented award ceremony where ▲Technology presentation ▲Exhibition , and ▲Networking will be organically connected.

This award ceremony is hosted by the Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association Hydrogen Convergence Alliance. It is also co-hosted by the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology.

There are three categories for the awards, as follows: △Hydrogen Production such as water electrolysis, carbon capture, renewable energy (wind power, solar power), nuclear power, etc; △Hydrogen storage and transportation such hydrogen charging stations, hydrogen tanks, hydrogen liquefaction/liquidation, pipelines, hydrogen transport ships, safety, etc; △ Hydrogen utilization in related industries such as mobility, fuel cell, steel, and chemical, etc,. Any company with related technologies to these three categories can participate.

Application procedure for the awards can be found on the Hydrogen Mobility + Show website starting July 4 (Mon). The application form and the technology introduction form must be submitted by July 22 (Fri).

The organizing committee will select 10 companies to advance to the finals through document screening and hold a final presentation on August 10 (Wed). Through a final screening, one company will be selected and awarded the grand prize for ‘best innovative company’ (encompassing all categories, KRW 5 million in prize money and a plaque), 3 companies will receive top prize awards (1 company for each category, KRW 3 million in prize money and a plaque), and 6 companies will receive excellence awards.

The awarding ceremony will be held at the ‘2022 Hydrogen Mobility + Show’ at KINTEX, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on September 1 (Thu). In addition to the prize money and plaques, winners will be provided with various perks such as outdoor and paper advertisements and installation of promotional materials announcing their win at the exhibition hall.

Photograph of 2021 H2 Innovation Awards | Source – The organizing committee for the Hydrogen Mobility + Show

Last year’s grand prize winner was POSCO SPS’s ‘Precision rolling and molding manufacturing technology for Fuel Cell Separators’. POSCO SPS Group Head In-seop Jung, who led the award at the time, said, “We hope the H2 Innovation Awards, which leads the hydrogen industry, will continue and take the lead in 2050 carbon neutrality.”

Man-ki Jung, chairman of the Hydrogen Mobility + Show organizing committee, said, “As the positive image of the role of hydrogen for carbon neutrality is spreading, EU member countries such as France, Germany, and the Netherlands have increased their budgets significantly and countries around the world are actively promoting the hydrogen industry along with hydrogen production, storage, and transportation, as well as related manufacturing and service industries are expected to grow faster than expected,”. He adds, “This growth outlook is only possible due to the rapidly developing technologies. As such, the organizing committee will use this award to actively discover excellent technology companies and simultaneously promote technology exchanges to create an environment for companies to grow across the hydrogen value chain.”

Meanwhile, the 2022 Hydrogen Mobility + Show, where visitors can see the award entries and various hydrogen technologies from domestic and foreign companies, will be held at KINTEX, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, from August 31 to September 3.

2022 Hydrogen Mobility + Show, Confirmed to be held at KINTEX on August 31 next year
The new name of H2Mobility+Showis now‘H2 MEET’… Covering the hydrogen industry ecosystem!