[News] Partnering to revitalize the hydrogen industry through H2 MEET

Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association, H2KOREA,

 HyNET, Korea Energy Agency

Partnering to revitalize the hydrogen industry through H2 MEET

          ◆ On Jan 30th, MOU was signed for the successful hosting of H2 MEET, Seoul, KOREA

          ◆ Agreed to host GHIAA (Global Hydrogen Industry Association) forum, and globalize

              H2 Innovation Awards, and int'l H2 conferences


          ◆ ‘H2 MEET 2023’ will be held at KINTEX, Goyang-si, KOREA from Sep 13(Wed) to Sep 15(Fri)

□ The H2 MEET Organizing Committee (Organizing Chairman and Chairman of the Korea Automobile Industry Association, Nam-Hoon KANG, hereinafter KAMA) held a meeting at the Automobile Center in Seocho-gu, Seoul on January 30, where the Hydrogen Convergence Alliance (hereinafter referred to as H2K), Hydrogen Energy Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hynet), and Korea Energy Agency(hereinafter referred to as the Agency) have signed a MOU to strengthen mutual co-operation for the expansion of the hydrogen industry and the successful hosting of the H2 MEET.

 o H2 MEET is a hydrogen industry-specialized exhibition held for domestic and foreign companies and institutions in the fields of ▲H2 Production* ▲H2 Storage/Transportation** ▲H2 Utilization*** and is celebrating its 4th anniversary this year.

    * Water Electrolysis, Carbon Capture, Renewable Energy(Wind Power, Nuclear Power, etc.)

    ** Hydrogen Charging Station, Hydrogen Tank, Liquefied/Gas, Pipeline, Transportation, Safety, etc.

    *** Related Industries such as Mobility, Fuelcell, Service, Steel, and Chemical

 o This year’s ‘H2 MEET’ will be held for three days from September 13th (Wed) to September 15th (Fri) at approximately 25,000㎡ in Halls 1-3 of KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.

 o In particular, 241 companies from 16 countries around the world participated in H2 MEET held last year, and about 30,000 visitors for 4 days, establishing itself as the world's largest hydrogen industry exhibition.

□ The MOU ceremony held on this day was attended by Nam-Hoon KANG(Chairman of the Organizing Committee), Jae-do Moon (Chairman of the H2K), Kyung-hwan Do(President of the HyNET), Sang-hoon Lee(Chairman of the Agency), and executives and staff members.

□ Through this MOU, KAMA, H2KOREA, HyNET, and Agency agreed to make efforts together to successfully host 'H2 MEET 2023' through mutual business partnership based on the resources and know-how possessed by each organization. In particular, it is expected that the event will develop into a more meaningful and professional event as the Korea Energy Agency additionally joins the organizing committee from this year.

 o After the agreement ceremony on the day, the four organizations formed the H2 MEET Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee) for efficient promotion and operation of H2 MEET. .

 o In particular, this year, it was agreed to hold the GHIAA(Global Hydrogen Industry Association)* general meeting centered on H2K during the H2 MEET event, and plans to support active business exchanges between global hydrogen industry experts and business officials.

    *GHIAA(Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance): Association meeting of 20 countries in the hydrogen industry, including KOREA, US, Canada, EU

 o In addition, considering the elevated global status of H2 MEET, the Organizing Committee decided to reorganize the 'H2 Innovation Award', which was promoted as a side event, into the 'H2 Global Award' and upgrade it to an independent global high-tech award ceremony in the hydrogen industry

□ Nam-Hoon Kang, chairman of the H2 MEET Organizing Committee, said, “This MOU was promoted for the successful hosting of H2 MEET 2023 while promoting the development of the global hydrogen industry by combining four specialized organizations and leading technological innovation in the industry.” H2 MEET will be an opportunity to see global trends in the entire hydrogen industry from hydrogen production, storage, transportation to utilization at a glance.”

* Attached data: (Photo) H2 MEET logo file (provided by the H2 MEET Organizing Committee)

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